We are Kindly.


A vertically-integrated craft cannabis brand dedicated to conscientious cultivation and revolutionizing health, wellness and community. We are committed to doing what is right for the environment and our community, and make giving back to those around us a priority.


From plants to people, it’s all about doing it Kindly.


We make every effort to minimize our carbon footprint throughout the entire cultivation process. We want your cannabis to be 100% natural so that it is as pure and healthy as possible. Your health is what matters.

How Kindly Does It

100% Californian
100% Honest
100% Kind

We grow 100% natural flowers, making our cannabis the purest and most environmentally friendly cannabis out there.


Our conscientious methodology extends beyond our cultivation techniques and directly into our company culture. Our Kindly team members are thoroughly trained on our grow methods to ensure they are able to educate consumers on the products they’re buying.

Kindly’s consciously aware methodology stems beyond cultivation and translates directly into our company culture. Kindly team members are thoroughly trained experts within their respective fields to ensure that from grow to purchase, customers receive the best Kindly experience.


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