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From Plants to People, Do it Kindly.

We grow, harvest, and distribute premium quality, top-shelf cannabis at affordable prices.

We take pride in using only organic ingredients and never any harsh chemicals, so our customers can enjoy the positive, medicinal benefits of this fabulous plant. 

Whether you’re trying to be productive, focused, creative, pain-free, or just get a great night’s sleep; we grow Kindly Cannabis for people like you.

It’s the Kindly Way. This is How Kindly Does It.

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Flowers for Everyone
Flowers for Everyone
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Choose Your Flower & Place the Order

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Frequently Asked Questions & More Facts About Kindly

Our best Sativa is our Lemon Rocks. It’s perfect for a midafternoon boost.

For those looking to get more restful sleep, try our Ice Cream Cake or Mint Cookies.

Both Dosi Do and Gin & Juice have brought a lot of comfort to those experiencing muscle aches and joint pain.

do it Kindly