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Non-smoking alternatives are helping transform the cannabis industry – as well as people’s opinions of cannabis. At Kindly, we offer the highest quality options to best suit your needs.


Tinctures have been one of the oldest and most commonly used cannabis medicines. Like any other herbal tincture, a cannabis tincture is simply a concentrated liquid form of the cannabis plant that is acquired through extraction cannabinoids. Consumers only need a few drops for it to take its effect. Tinctures have regained popularity due to its effective and fast acting delivery method. They also come in a variety of flavors that are enjoyed by patients and recreational users alike.


BHO concentrate is an extremely potent cannabis extraction which can vary in texture and appearance, from viscous liquid, to crumbly wax, to hard glass-like shards. BHO products go by many names, such as wax, shatter, honey, honeycomb, and so on. They are often used by consumers with chronic pain and intractable conditions. The high potency of this concentrate allows consumers to remedy medical ailments quickly and efficiently; achieving faster and stronger relief.

Full Melt

Full melt hash is acquired from solvent-free extraction, focusing on the best part of the flower. It represents the highest quality and least adulterated form of cannabis concentrate. Full melt hash contains just trichome heads, commonly known as crystals, and is considered to be an ultimate connoisseur grade product.

CO2 Extracts

The Supercritical CO2 extraction method is free of solvents and minimizes cannabis to its root compounds. The oil it produces can be vaporized in a variety of ways, the most popular being portable vaporizer pens. For those health-conscious consumers, this method produces one of the cleanest forms of concentrates available.



Jack: “Kindly patiently educated me about the products best suited for my wife’s illness. Their concern was like nothing I could have imagined. I never thought this level of knowledge and dedication existed in the cannabis industry.”


Matthew: “I don’t have time to be a couch potato. And I definitely don’t have time to be hung over. Kindly products allow me to have a great time socially without all the consequences of getting drunk. They also allow me to be clear headed while I’m enjoying it. I appreciate you guys!”


Chris: “Until I met the folks at Kindly, no one ever listened to what I was looking for. I love the way I’m treated there. I have trouble sleeping and Kindly suggested few strains that have helped me a lot, it’s been life-changing.”


Meghan: “I am extremely grateful that I was introduced to Kindly. Everything that their Kindly Care Specialists have ever recommended to me has been outstanding. The edibles always taste great. The best part is that I am still able to go about my day and be productive.”


Nicole: “I really like the freshness of Kindly flowers and knowing that I’m smoking something organic.”


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